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Anonymous asked: What are some bands you want to take photos of and haven't yet?

Five Finger Death Punch (They’re coming in May with 105.7 the X for Spring Fling!!), The Pretty Reckless (also at Spring Fling!), Butcher Babies, Skillet (I wasn’t in the photo pit for them), Linkin Park, Ke$ha, The 1975, and Slipknot.

chrispi004 asked: hello kirsten what is or are the most annoying questions you have been asked??

Hmm nothing too specific comes to mind… but, if someone’s rude, that’s not okay.

I guess I could say when people ask me how to say my name, but still pronounce it wrong. :P I got asked once on here if I’d shoot nudes and my past nude work is beautiful haha. I’ve never shot anybody nude, so that was interesting.

Anonymous asked: Which kind of camera is the most appropriate for someone who's used a plain digital camera for years and wants to improve and try something new?

I’m assuming plain means point and shoot, so please let me know if it’s not a point and shoot! There’s a few options you could do to have a better camera and allow you to learn a bit about photography, without getting a DSLR. Personally, I find Sony’s interface easiest to use when you’re just starting out, but all brands are pretty much the same anymore. It’s like Pepsi vs Coke vs RC. It’s what YOU like, especially if you’re looking at point + shoots or DSLRs.

1. Advanced Point + Shoot. There are some really nice point and shoot cameras intended for more serious work. They are usually compact and you don’t have to worry about lenses. I’m drooling over the Fujifilm X20 right now. I really want it. The Sony RX10 is also another one I really would love to add to my collection. Both these camera have a f/2.8 lens which means it’s fast and does great in low light! Another option are the Canon S120 and the Sony RX100 II. They are both pocket size, but pack a punch.

2. Mirrorless. I love my mirrorless camera. They usually have the same size sensor as the DSLRs, but are way more compact and easier to learn on! I have the Sony NEX 7 and love it. The NEX line has lenses, so you can make it as serious as you want to. Fujifilm’s X series is a great mirrorless line, as well. I have to be honest, though, I am not impressed with Canon or Nikon’s mirrorless options right now. I think Sony (especially with their electronic background) and Fuji are far ahead in this area.

3. Introductory DSLR. If you’re wanting to eventually make photography a hobby or you see yourself growing into it, jumping straight to a DSLR might not be a bad idea. The Sony a58, Canon T3 or T5i, and Nikon 3200 are all great starting cameras.

I hope this helped a bit! Can you tell I work in a camera shop? lol

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