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Anonymous asked: What happened to Brian and who's this new guy?

We broke up back in Spring.

This new guy isn’t really new lol. His name’s Tyler and we’ve been really good friends and best friends, really, since high school. We’ve always had a “thing” for each other and it just never seemed to work out. I guess we decided to take the plunge recently. He’s fantastic and I’m very happy.

Anonymous asked: What is your (alcoholic) drink of choice?

If it’s a chill night - cider or moscato. If I’m trying to feel it - vodka or rum.

Anonymous asked: you have such amazing style. please vlog about your clothes and shopping habits!

Wow, thank you! I’m super flattered! I have been trying to blog more about my interests, fashion included, at!

I’ll keep a vlog in mind, though!

Anonymous asked: What was the best way you found to market yourself?

I’m still figuring that one out, but I’d say networking. Talking with people and making connections has been helpful so far. An online presence is also important. People need to be able to find you and see your work easily. Good SEO is important here!

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